Digital MammogramsOne in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime according to the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Thankfully, the number of deaths caused by breast cancer has declined in recent years, due in large part to early detection screenings and improved treatment.

The hospitals of South Texas Health System offer digital screening mammograms to detect breast cancer early and give women a fighting chance at treatment. Digital screening mammograms produce computer-generated images that allow radiologists to analyze areas of concern in depth, possibly before cancer spreads.

Talk with your physician about mammograms to find out when you should start screening and how often it’s needed.

What to expect

A technician will position your breast between two clear plates attached to a specialized camera, which uses X-rays to take images. In order to obtain the best image, technicians compress and flatten your breast to hide breast tissue that would otherwise obstruct the view of the camera. The entire process for both breasts takes about 20 minutes.

A radiologist then analyzes the images for abnormalities. All images are stored on a computer, allowing radiologists to magnify or enhance the picture to gain a better view of areas of interest. This kind of detail is only available in digital screening mammograms. Because of the electronic nature of the image, doctors can easily and quickly collaborate with other healthcare workers by sending images through secured email.

In addition, digital screening mammograms offer benefits such as lower radiation and image manipulation that can make them advantageous for women in certain groups, including:

  • Women under 50
  • Women with dense breasts
  • Women who have not yet gone through menopause or have gone through menopause for less than one year.
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